What To Expect

We are a neighborhood acupuncture clinic located in West Philadelphia at 4313 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Clients have the option to receive either community or private acupuncture appointments. Community acupuncture offers the benefit of treatment in the company of friends, family, and neighbors. Appointments are staggered throughout the hour, and treatments are given in a peaceful shared space.   This allows us to keep costs minimal for clients, and can also have a soothing effect, as it can break the isolation sometimes experienced in healthcare environments. Private acupuncture offers the benefit of treatment in a completely private setting. Clients have the option to choose either setting for initial and follow-up treatments.

Both community and private treatments include a brief intake, followed by an acupuncture treatment (and possibly other techniques deemed appropriate by the practitioner, including cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, acupressure, or the prescription of Chinese herbal formulas) on recliners or massage tables. Disrobing is minimal, as we mainly treat clients from the elbows and knees down, as well as points on the head, abdomen, or portion of the back, if necessary. We provide sheets and blankets for your comfort. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and, as a courtesy to our allergy patients, avoid wearing strong perfumes.  We have white noise machines and relaxing music to help muffle sounds, though you’re welcome to bring headphones to listen to music of your choice.